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Yesterday I had a whim to take a few photos of my three girls. We moved into our new house a little over 2 weeks ago and with this move I got a great in-home studio! I haven’t gotten too much done yet besides a little paint and a few pieces of furniture but I had my first session take place this past weekend. It really turned out to be a great session and I am happy at how versatile my little space seems to be!

I havent photographed any children here yet but I think it will really come in handy, especially in the winter months. I had this vision of all bright white images so I collapsed my futon into bed mode and dressed it up with white blankets and had my girls put on all white outfits. My girls really don’t mind having their photo taken, they are really natural in front of the camera, only sometimes do I get a fake looking smile from Laila. Esme is a ham and so easy to photograph!

The prep was 15 minutes and the shoot was probably 20 minutes long, if that. Kids don’t have a long attention span for photos but it just goes to show you can get a great group of images in a short amount of time if need be!

 photo frederickphotographer-002_zps7341ebef.jpg

this one is my favorite, I will definitely have it printed! Riley is such a little mom.

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and shots of the studio itself!

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 photo esmeroseisone_zps9bff9060.jpg

She’s a toddler!! It honestly feels like it was only weeks ago I was posting about how she was born or how she just turned 6 weeks old. Now my baby is one year old, today!

Esme is walking, she says a few word she has EIGHT teeth (and counting) and she is a bulldozer. She is not a dainty little girl, she’s a climb on everything, do it by herself, get out of her way lady. On the flip side she is a cuddler, she gets scooped out of her crib and into my bed every morning and she literally burries her head into my neck and wraps her arm around me for a quick morning sleep before we’re up for the day. I look forward to it everytime!

Her older sisters anticipate her waking up every morning and when they come home from school they greet her with a great big running start hug and kiss. Esme returns the affection with a gigantic smile and giggly squeeling.

What a joy to be a mom to these growing girls!

P.S. We are moving today!

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 photo 2014-02-13_0002_zps20965168.jpg

I will be away from my office almost entirely for the remainder of the week until 3/3/14.

We are moving a short distance from our current residence in Maryland! I want to make this announcement here on the blog because I will now have a residential home studio and office with the move. I hope to have it ready for shooting in the summer and available for meetings and such shortly after that. It is a beautiful modest size space with tons of windows that drenches the room in natural light. I am so excited to invite my clients in!

Look forward to sharing more of the adventure with you!


I photographed these amazing parents a few years ago for their wedding and now they have a sweet baby girl. It is so exciting for me when I get invited back to photograph someone again, especially when its a milestone like this. Now I can’t wait to watch this little princess grow!

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