If you’re shopping for kids, here are some tips…

If you hate the parents:
- something loud with no off button
- anything with lots of little parts to lose and step on
- make sure it doesnt come with the batteries

If you LOVE the parents:
- clothes
- gift cards!!

:o ) I’m…half…joking. We made out good this year! Here are some photos for Christmas morning…

Snotty nose + bed head!!!

I had to put together some last minute gifts, one of which included photos of my girls. After going through the thousands of photos I have, I noticed I didnt have any nice, grandma approved images of Laila since she was just a baby. Well when I picked Laila up from her crib this morning, she wasn’t her usual smiley self, she was sick as a dog, but I needed those pictures so I cleaned her up as nice as possible. It took a lot of photoshop to remove the ooey gooeyness from her nose.

It was fun at first!

Still fascinated by the huge tulle skirt!

DONE!! (PS Free! lol)

As I finish wrapping gifts and wrapping up loose ends here at work, I am preparing to spend the next few weeks with my lovely family! I will be out of office starting tomorrow evening 12/22 until 12/27 and then again on New Years. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!!!!!!! (And on a completely different note I have 1, MAYBE 2 slots open on Saturday evening.)

I put together just a FEW of my favorite personal images and my favorite moments of this year!


Hello Ladies!

Marathon Boudoir Sessions are upon us. The just released dates are January 2-4, 2009!

The rules are the same as last year; come, have fun, take beautiful images!

Each 45 minute session is $99, your final images will then be available for viewing and ordering on your own password protected gallery. Crystal Jo, Makeup Artist, is available for sessions for an additional $40, I highly suggest it and most of you will choose to! You may also pre-order Art Book albums and save 20% when booking your session!

To view the official flyer go to www.shelbyleigh.com/boudoir09.pdf OR go to the blog at www.shelbyleigh.com/blog.

Boudoir sessions are perfect valentines, wedding, birthday, anytime gifts for you or someone else!

Marathon Boudoir Sessions sold out in just TWO DAYS last year so forward to all of your friends that might be interested! Groups are more then welcome!!!

When emailing to reserve a slot please let me know if you would like to try to book with a group, what your preference date is and if you are considering makeup.

Hooked up with my sister, Crystal, for another model makeup shoot. I love each season of my business for a different reason, but Winter is so great because [for the most part] I have time to do fun stuff like this! Crystal and I got VERY creative because I’m not a typical studio photographer, but I like to think I’m a jack of all trades. ;o) Remember Marathon Boudoir Session info will be released tomorrow!