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I’m pulling this wedding out from the archives! I realized today that I never shared this Peabody Library wedding from 2012! I don’t know why because I absolutely loved this venue. So I’m sharing it today, to get me in the wedding season mood.

This wedding actually took place during that big summer storm here in Maryland. Almost everywhere in the area lost power for several days if not weeks and their church was one of them! They held their entire ceremony in a powerless church and it still turned out great, they even had a friend pull up his truck to the church doors so they could have music playing during their processional!

RECEPTION: George Peabody Library

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-001_zps8005cca1.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-002_zps3e9cbf17.jpg

reading with a flashlight
 photo peabodylibrarywedding-003_zps7234ab93.jpg

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 photo peabodylibrarywedding-005_zps76628aac.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-006_zps10e9f92d.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-007_zps5c312e13.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-008_zps6aba8732.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-009_zps7a1bdfa1.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-010_zpsd0f8f623.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-011_zpsde8f6f5f.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-012_zps3c2cbd78.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-013_zpsb457861b.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-014_zps38a27e78.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-015_zpse43249fc.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-016_zps14131fd0.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-017_zps30b2cd27.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-018_zps2f786ec1.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-019_zpscf5b589d.jpg

 photo peabodylibrarywedding-020_zps8e5c7af8.jpg

After their maternity session, I was invited back to the “w” families home to photograph their newborn baby boy. Newborns feel like a wedding to me…. A once in a lifetime event! A baby will only be that tiny, and only be a newborn for such a short time that you only have one chance to capture it.

I love being able to photograph not only the baby, but the new family together. Gives me chills looking at a family all huddled in together adoring of the new life!

“A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth”.

Baby and brother
 photo wnewborn-001_zps87a51aea.jpg

 photo wnewborn-002_zps0140959b.jpg

 photo wnewborn-003_zpsd590a3e4.jpg

I don’t think his brother could of been any better for this shoot!
 photo wnewborn-006_zps248ac81a.jpg

 photo wnewborn-004_zps39ba63b8.jpg

 photo wnewborn-005_zps42642599.jpg

Mom’s + babies. Probably my favorite dynamic to shoot
 photo wnewborn-007_zps5db6939b.jpg

 photo wnewborn-008_zps389e6594.jpg

 photo wnewborn-009_zps33ee9302.jpg

 photo wnewborn-010_zps1dace7c5.jpg

 photo wnewborn-012_zpsd2b882c9.jpg

 photo wnewborn-011_zps9b5780ed.jpg

There was once a time I blogged a lot and I’d love to get back to there. I am not a good writer. At all. But I think its fun to update and share everyone on the latest things going on! I guess since facebook took off, I’ve really sort of migrated to posting photos and life happenings there and the blog has been severly neglected. Partly because I’m a bad blogger but it takes me a good 30-60 minutes to compose a good post. But, it’s the time of year we make resolutions we will never keep ;) So my resolution is to blog once a week!

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Lately, I have been shooting a lot! It’s definitely a hectic time of year where we are are scrambling together to get our family picture taken and order our gifts. Including me! We recently got our family photos taken for the holidays. I am not just a preacher! I am very adament about documenting our family. We’ve also enjoyed a couple snow days. I’ve been keeping up with Esme’s monthly portrait. Planning her first birthday (in February, ahh!). Christmas shopping (but mostly online!). Welcoming a brand new niece in October. We took road trips to visit family in New York and South Carolina this summer. House shopping (an on going experience). Shooting tons of wedding, families and boudoir. Working on new websites. And just plain surviving!

I think the first photo below wraps it up nicely for me. My older kids, having fun and making a huge mess for me to clean up later. My baby on the floor getting into trouble, surely eating something non-edible and my dog, trying to get in on the action and waiting for the baby to drop something for him to eat.

 photo blog0000222_zpsfaf1ea35.jpg

Happy Holidays!!!!!

This is holiday portrait season and this particular weekend I have four family sessions. This is one of my all time favorite families. I have photographed them throughout the years starting back at their parents engagement and now I love these little boys, they are crazy adorable and so, so fun. We did a quick session nearby at a beautiful little trail here in the DC area so they could have some great photos for the holidays. When you have young kids there is an appreciation for getting things done quickly and I can’t believe how much we got in such a short time. They even managed outfit changes! They are family portrait veterans- I love how their little woodsy holiday session turned out!

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-016_zps2bcf27e3.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-017_zpsf050ec45.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-018_zpsc72abf36.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-019_zpsd53734b5.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-020_zps5257c437.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-021_zpsdb5411cf.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-022_zps8d299a66.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-023_zps9edde875.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-024_zps842706a6.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-025_zps992690d9.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-027_zps7a723f6a.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-026_zps19cd3da7.jpg

 photo family-woods-forest-dc-photographer-028_zps95bc3f0c.jpg