Boudoir FAQ

I’m sure you have lots of questions, let me try to answer them here!

1. Where do you have boudoir sessions?
Sessions typically take place at the Frill studio, however you do have the option of hosting at your home or reserving a hotel room. I prefer to photograph sessions in daytime hours for a signature soft, natural looking image.

2. I don’t know how to “model”!

I will give you complete guidance throughout the photoshoot on how to pose as well as coaching you on your facial expressions. You do not need to know how to look sexy, you do not need to be young, tall, curvy or a model – all I ask is that you trust me!

3. I want to be a little more risque then I see in your portfolio, is that OK?

Absolutely! The images in my portfolio are only images I have permission to share. I have years of experience photographing every thing on the spectrum. I photograph nude and semi-nude. I will never ask any woman to do anything I feel they may not be comfortable with, so please EXPRESS your desires! If you want a topless shot – tell me!4

4. Is this private? Will my images every be shown?

Your images will NEVER be shown online or displayed without your permission. We love and appreciate when we are able to share images but respect our client privacy. All images are edited in house and we even offer the option to destroy your digital images after you’ve received product (otherwise we hang on to them for future orders!).

5. Do you have an all female team?

I am a one woman show! My makeup and hair artist(s) are also female.

6. Do you retouch?

On your final products (albums, digital files, prints, etc.) a thorough and final retouching will be done. This includes removing distracting objects, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, brightening, etc. Body shaping is done by request!

7. What should I expect?

First we choose a date for your session and you will complete a $100 deposit. We will then begin ironing out the details of your shoot and booking any necessary appointments. We usually begin straight away with hair and makeup which typically takes about an hour or more.  After that, we will sort through your outfits and begin shooting, which should take another hour or more.  I will guide you and coach you on posing and expressions the whole way.

8. Does my session include hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup is an add on, however most women choose to have my artist at their studio. Rates are typically around $175 but can vary based on location and services.

9. Do you photograph couples

Yes I love photographing couples. This is a great photoshoot to schedule after you’ve gifted your boudoir photoshoot to your significant other.

10. How far in advance should I book?

Book a date as soon as you know you want to do a boudoir shoot. I recommend your photoshoot take place at least 2 months prior to a deadline (so that means scheduling before then!), however we can sometimes accommodate shorter deadlines and quicker turnarounds. Just shoot us an email at

lets chat!

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